…for Nashville!  I’m going there for a mini-vacay for a few days, and we leave this weekend.  I’m so excited to take my “Country Couture” wardrobe I’ve been building for a few months for a spin.  I’ll take photos and share my outfit details after my trip.  So excited.  Yay!

Happy Friday~

Image:  Patterson Maker

…since I’m obsessed with weddings in general (obvs), of course, I have to be excited about the Royal Wedding!  It’s not so much that I am fascinated with the “Royal” part, but I’m more drawn to the “Wedding” part of this whole event.

People asked why am I so excited?  Are you kidding?  Why wouldn’t I be?  Aside from the fact that it’s ALWAYS AWESOME to see people who are in love getting married, I’m also super excited to see THE DRESS and THE WEDDING itself.  This is where ALL THINGS FASHIONABLE and ALL THINGS WEDDING collide in one place.  Um, hello???  Have you been reading my blog?  Those are pretty much the only 2 things I care about in life so yes, I’ll be watching tonight!  All of my DVRs are set (yes, I have more than one) in case I fall asleep before the big moment (because I have a job that requires me to be present the next day – bummer).

So if you are not excited, that’s ok.  Let the people who are excited be.  It’s a once-a-in-a-lifetime-real-life-fairy-tale – so let a girl be.  Thank you.

Cheers to the Happy Couple~

Image:  1,2.  Everything Fabulous, 2. Mario Testino via The Official Royal Wedding Site



…I think they are so perfect for a modern wedding on a rooftop somewhere in the city or in a clean, loft space.  They are so light and airy and have so much potential!

And they come in all kinds of colors, too…

They are perfect if you are going for a minimalism look for your ceremony…

For the reception, they work with many different color schemes since they are pretty much COLORLESS – unless you go for the tinted ones, which I haven’t seen used in a wedding yet, but I think they would be so fresh and modern.

So if you’re planning a wedding (or any event really) – consider these instead of the traditional Chiavari chairs.  I think they are totally fabulous.  Love.

Images: 1. Rosie on the Road, 2, 6, 7. Belle The Magazine, 3. The Modern Bride Guide, 4, 8. Style Me Pretty,  5. Mariah & Sham, 9. Trendsetting Wedding

…so simple yet so chic especially when paired with a pretty blouse and a cardigan.  I need to get myself a pair stat!

Images: 1. RDuJour, 2. The Chole Conspiracy

…I generally love graphic prints because of its simplicity, but lately I’ve been drawn to Chevron print because it is more interesting than plain stripes.

I especially heart gray Chevron because gray is my all-time favorite color so imagine my excitement when I found this rug!

And guess what…it’s D-I-Y!  I found this over at photographer Hayley Anderson’s blog.  She made this herself by painting a plain white rug with latex paint.  I really must try this.

You’ll need:

White/Beige Flat Woven Rug from IKEA

Green Painter Tap for Hard to Stick Surfaces

Latex Paint/Brush

Start with a plain flat woven rug

First – you’ll have to tape the Chevron pattern on the rug

Then just paint away…

This also makes me think – you’re not limited to just Chevron stripes.  Whatever design you can create with those painter’s tape, you can have whatever rug design you want.  Awesome.

Haley did 2 coats with this paint, and this is how her rug turned out…

Look at how clean the lines look.  No one will ever be able to tell that you didn’t buy the rug as is.


Images:  Hayley Anderson

…I’ve finally sold my wedding gown a few of weeks ago *tears* thanks to OnceWed.  It’s a good thing actually because now another bride (who lives in Ontario, Canada) is going to be wearing this beautiful Amsale gown down the aisle.

It surprises me when people ask me where they can sell their wedding gown.  Being an avid wedding blogs follower, it didn’t occur to me that it may not be that obvious to other people so I thought I should share the knowledge.  OnceWed is a wonderful site where brides can sell or purchase gently worn wedding gowns, and there’s no charge to sell your gown on there.  If you’re a bride on a budget, this is a great place to visit for designer gowns.  My gown was in an excellent condition – practically brand new.  The total hours I actually wore the gown is less than 12 hours, and I spent $4000 on the gown plus $800 in alterations!  The gown was sold for only $2000, and this bride will get to keep the gown forever (if she wants to), and she only paid less than half of what I spent!

I didn’t realize I was so attached to the gown until I had to let it go, and I seriously was depressed for a couple of weeks.  But I know that every time I look at these photos, I will always have great memories associated with the gown.

I also think my friends are probably super relieved to never have to iron this colossal amount of fabric again for the rest of their lives!

And the best part about selling the gown – I put the money to good use and got this gorgeous Burberry trench to replace it so every time I wear this trench, I’ll remember the gown :-P

Happy Friday~

Images:  Apertura Photography and Burberry

…as centerpieces.  They are so fresh, whimsical, and so much more interesting than just plain white vases…not to mention that I just can’t resist everything monogrammed (blame it on my weird obsession with personalization).  I got these mugs from Anthropologie.

I haven’t put them to use yet, but I definitely plan to use them to hold fresh flowers instead of hot cocoa.  If I had bought them last year, I would have definitely incorporated them into my wedding somehow.  If you’re willing to invest some money (they are $6 each), they would make such unique and beautiful favors/escort cards/place cards.  What a great gift for your guests to take home.  But if you don’t want to bust your bridal budget, here are some ways you can use them as centerpieces, and you only need a few of them…

So simple and pretty.  Love~

Images:  1.  Style Me Pretty, 2. Elizabeth Anne Designs, 3. Style Me Pretty, 4. The Wedding Informer

…I’ve found an unexpected use for this adorable egg crate

I got this crate from Anthropologie and originally planned to use it to hold my eggs as it was intended to, but then it crossed my mind – how perfect would it be to use this as a ring holder?

So now it sits in my bedroom instead of my kitchen :-).  Love.

Images:  Adventures of Styles

…super simple to make. You must try for your next party!

We wanted to use colorful doilies (purple, orange, and pink) for the project, but we could only find the purple ones so we bought plain white doilies and hand-painted them instead.
I had some acrylic paint leftover from the Wedding Thumbprint Tree project so I just simply painted the doilies in pink and orange and let them dry.  Since the paint will seep through the laser cut area, place the doily on piece of paper or cloth so you won’t stain your work surface.

Be sure to let them dry completely before applying the second and third coat to prevent the paper from shriveling up since they are so thin.

Nora used the Cri-Cut to cut out the letters that spelled “LOVE IS SWEET” with 2 hearts as word separators.  We simply just glued the letters on the doilies, then glued the doilies to a pretty ribbon using a hot glue gun, and we were done.

It adds a touch of whimsy to the dessert table, and it can be customized to say anything really.  Totally heart!

Images:  Courtesy of Debi Chun and Adventures of Styles

…I’m in LOVE with this dessert table!  It is definitely the “Pièce de résistance” at this event, and the last of the Accordion Wheel D-I-Y posts.  When I first thought of using the Accordion Wheels in Nora’s wedding, I had this image of these wheels in various sizes and colors pinned up on the wall as a backdrop for something.  Well, that something turned out to be this spectacular dessert table.  This is my original sketch of the dessert table (again – please excuse my lame drawing.  I totally suck at it.)

This is how it turns out…

(This was taken before the table is completely set-up.  A completely set-up dessert table photo will be posted on our Totally Heart Events Gallery soon!)

I originally envisioned the cake in the center of the table.  I also wanted the cake to have the Accordion Wheel motive on it  for cohesiveness (as seen in my cake drawing above).  This is how the cake actually turned out.

Not exactly as I had drawn it but still so pretty!  The cake was created by Stephanie of Final Touch Bakery.  Stephanie is also the owner of S Fine Dining (the venue).  She collaborated with us on the cake design and did a fantastic job on creating these wheels from fondant.  I totally love them!  Aren’t the fondant buttons so precious???

Nora decided to have the cake on a separate table so we re-arranged the dessert platters and candies jars, and they turned out beautifully.

The luscious desserts were provided by Pastry Chef Rachel Magno of .  Rachel did such a fantastic job doing the desserts for my wedding that Nora contacted her for this wedding, and she did not disappoint!  The featured desserts were Amaretto Truffles, Red Velvet Cake Pops, and Mandarin Creme Brulee.  They were all divine.

The backdrop took over 20 hours with 4-5 people working on it at a time to complete.  It is definitely very time-consuming but well-worth it.

We used the wheels in different sizes and colors and attached them to the foam board (so it’s not too heavy to hang) using a combination of hot glue gun and super glue.

This piece is so dramatic and eye-catching, I think it would also work beautifully as a ceremony backdrop.

As for the doilies garland, the tutorial on how to make it is coming up next so stay tuned!

Images:  Courtesy of Kim Doan, Debi Chun, and Adventures of Styles


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